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BIC G Board Kid Twin Fin 5'6'' Surfboard

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Twin Fin Softboard für Kids

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BIC G Board Kid Twin Fin 5'6''

BIC G Board Kid Twin Fin 5'6''


To meet the needs of the surf club and school sectors, we’ve conceived the G-Boards, a range of foam construction boards with a very clearly defined performance spec. : easy-riding G-Boards with the kind of performance to make complete beginners feel totally safe, and start delivering fun and excitement right from the start, giving a high level of solidity, using materials chosen specifically for their resistance to bumps and knocks, and the all-round strength to take it all in their stride.

The G-Boards range has been assembled by top board shapers and is manufactured from the highest quality materials :
The core of the board is made from a slab of closed-cell, fully watertight foam. A stringer gives the board good stiffness along its length, and the «Slick Skin» polyethylene skin gives excellent glide, cushioning bumps and having impressive knock-resistance. The cushioned EVA foam anti-slip deck pad gives superb comfort under your feet. The flexible, series-mounted fins are super-efficient and give excellent stability.

Zusatzinformation BIC Surfboard

Hersteller BIC
Shape Funboard/Mini-Malibu/Evolution
Material / Bauweise Softcover
Finnen System Softfins (BIC)
Finnen Set up Thruster (3)
Zubehoer Finnen
Farbe Rot
Maße 5'6'' x 19 3/8'' x 3 1/8''