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Lost The Plank (FCS Quad) Surfboard

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Lost The Plank (FCS Quad) Lost The Plank (FCS Quad)
  • Lost The Plank (FCS Quad)
  • Lost The Plank (FCS Quad)

Lost The Plank (FCS Quad)


When it’s really small and mushy you can forget the long board. Originally inspired after trying a friend’s “Mini Simmons” twin keel, retro board in knee high lumps. The board was fast and fun, but I couldn’t really lay into it. Motivated to do better, Matt shand shaped a “Green Foam” recycled fish blank and attacked the 6’0″ blank like a high school sculpture project…. keeping in mind the unique glide of that “Simmons”. The blank was pretty thin, so I left the deck flat. It’s really wide, so no concave. Looking for ridiculous glide, but demanding aggressive turning, he left it really straight rockered, but did a little flip out the back, a strong bump, diamond tail. In place of the twin keels, wanting a more reliable feeling, it is set up as a quad. That first “Plank” was about 6’0″ x 22″ x 2.5” full, and was the easiest board ever ridden in waves you would normally only bother with on a long board. The “Plank” catches anything and does full rail roundhouse cutbacks on 10″ high lumps of water. If you like the way it looks, and want a truly unique and extreme small wave tool to keep you off that log, then think about custom ordering one of these.

Zusatzinformation Lost Surfboard

Hersteller Lost
Shaper Matt Biolos
Shape Hybrid
Material / Bauweise Polyester
Finnen System FCS
Finnen Set up Quad (4)
Zubehoer Finnen
Farbe Weiss
  • 5’4 19.50 2.13 (26.0cl)
  • 5’6 20.00 2.25 (29.2cl)
  • 5’8 20.50 2.38 (32.7cl)
  • 510 21.00 2.50 (36.38cl)
  • 6’0 22.00 2.63 41.4cl)
  • 6’2 22.50 2.66 (44.2cl)
  • 6’4 22.75 2.75 (47.7cl)