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Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad) Surfboard

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Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad) Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad)
  • Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad)
  • Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad)

Lost Uber Plank (FCS II Quad)


Refined, more high performance version of "The Plank . Never one to leave well enough alone and influenced by the feeling of burying a snowboard rail 90 degrees into soft powder, I went to work fine tuning The Plank into a small wave, on rail, carving Machine. Same rocker and foil, but with updates in bottom curves and outline to increase performance. Wing Squallow (swallow set into a squash) tail adds bite and increases precision. Nose tip is pulled to reduce un-needed volume, swing weight and quicken up turns. Bottom now features single concave set into a rolled Vee through middle, increasing lift at low speedswhile still being easy to roll onto a rail for hard carves in the smallest of waves.

Zusatzinformation Lost Surfboard

Hersteller Lost
Shaper Matt Biolos
Shape Hybrid
Material / Bauweise Polyester
Finnen System FCS II
Finnen Set up Quad (4)
Zubehoer Finnen
Farbe Weiss
  • 5' 6'' x 20 x 2 1/4'' 
  • 5' 8'' x 20 1/2 x 2 3/8''
  • 5' 10'' x 21 x 2 1/2''