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Superfrog Performer Longboard 9'0'' Surfboard

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Performance Longboard

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Superfrog Performer Longboard 9'0''

Superfrog Performer Longboard 9'0''


The completely new Superfrog longboard series is a cocktail of traditional shapes and more modern ideas. They have all been shaped by Gérard Dabbadie.

The 9' has a more classic overall style combined with some more modern touches that give the board excellent glide and an easy ride.

Designed by top class shapers, they’re made with a new light weight Epoxy/fibreglass laminated polystyrene core. This technique differs from the more traditional polyester/fibreglass around a polyurethane core by being lighter and having vastly superior mechanical qualities, delivering a much better feel on the water.

Zusatzinformation Superfrog Surfboard

Hersteller Superfrog
Shaper Gérard Dabbadie
Shape Longboard
Material / Bauweise Epoxy (mit Stringer)
Finnen System FCS
Finnen Set up Thruster (3)
Zubehoer Thruster Fin Set
Farbe Weiss-Blau
Maße 9'0'' x 22.15'' x 2.6''