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Webber The Mistress SLX Surfboard

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% Webber The Mistress SLX

Webber The Mistress SLX


After years of doing the fatburner and hearing good surfers wanting a similar but more refined version I decided to do it. This board has all the volume flow and glide of the original fatburner/pulse model but with a sexier planshape, and a more moderate rail volume. The nose is less blunt, and the tail pulls in far more to create a lot more planshape curve. This adds way more performance in the pocket and gives the rider the ability to choose his line as against having to flow along with the more stable curves of it’s predecessor. It also has a greater wave range than the fatburner since the tail area is lower, another bonus….

Slight single to deeper double concave in the tail.

Zusatzinformation Webber Surfboard

Hersteller Webber
Shaper Greg Webber
Shape Hybrid
Material / Bauweise Epoxy (mit Stringer)
Finnen System FCS
Finnen Set up Thruster (3)
Zubehoer Finnen
Farbe Clear

5’9”   19 1/8”   2 3/8”  27.1l 
6’0”   19 1/2”  2 1/2”   30.2l   
6’2”   19 9/16”   2 9/16”  32.2l 
6’4”  20”  2 5/8”  34.4l 
6’6”  20" 1/2”  2 3/4”   37.7l