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Art.Nr.: ALO0007

Aloha Bean Future Flex

Aloha Bean Future Flex
By popular demand, the Bean will be available in both traditional polyester, and the new super lightweight SLXC stringerless biaxial carbon epoxy construction for 2011. Meaning the Bean just got better! The Bean is essentially a hybrid model more commonly referred to as a pod, the difference being this particular board is still considered high performance. Ideally suited to small-to-medium size surf, the Bean offers a fun alternative to riding a regular shortboard.

Appropriately named, the BEAN has a fuller nose template providing a platform for efficient start-up acceleration and paddling, while the relaxed entry rocker maintains speed and glide over flatter sections. A shallow single-to-double concave with vee running out through the tail delivers response and bite where it's needed, while also promoting smooth rail-to-rail transitions. The perfectly balanced tail rocker and performance rails complete the design and allow the Bean to be surfed tight in the pocket.

Offering the Bean in SLXC construction further enhances the versatility of this model. We substituted the stringer with a perimeter biaxial carbon rail, and also used an EPS core and a biaxial epoxy deck layup. Removing the stinger allows the board to flex more naturally to fit the contours of the wave through turns, while the biaxial deck glass and perimeter carbon rail produces a 'snap back' affect for amazing response and pop. As a general rule you can ride the BEAN 3-to-6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard, and the tri-quad fin configuration gives you the freedom to surf it as a thruster or quad.

Exclusively in high performance, super light SLXC stringerless carbon biaxial epoxy layups.

ength width thickness volume surfer weight

5'6" 19" 21/4" 27ltr < 65kg/145lbs

5'9" 191/2 25/16" 28ltr 70kg/155lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs

6'0" 20" 23/8" 31ltr 75kg/165lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs

6'3" 201/2" 21/2" 35ltr 80kg/175lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs

6'6" 21" 25/8" 38ltr 82kg/180lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs

Aloha Bean Future Flex - 689,00 EUR

incl. 19 % MwSt.
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