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DVD Glassing 101

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DVD Glassing 101

DVD Glassing 101


“Glassing 101” is the industry standard and only instructional film which teaches professional laminating, hotcoating and sanding.

Learn to fiberglass surfboards at the state of the art JC Hawaii surfboard factory. John Carper’s top notch tradesmen teach you step by step how to waterproof the board, glass on fins, leash plugs and sand the right way. This program is hosted by John Carper and made by Carl Ackerman.

A second betacam was mounted on the ceiling giving the student a top view of laminating and hotcoating, making it easy to quickly learn techniques . Expect to learn everything you need to know to get that shaped blank into the water, making Glassing 101 the perfect match to Shaping 101.

Awesome surfing footage is included of the JC Hawaii surf team ripping worldwide. You’ll sure to make back the cost of this video just on the materials you save glassing your first board !

80 minutes