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Stormrider Guide Europe Atlantic Islands

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Stormrider Guide Europe Atlantic Islands

Stormrider Guide Europe Atlantic Islands


The Atlantic Islands makes up half of The Stormrider Guide Europe box set and gives surfers an exhaustive insight into the waves of the North Atlantic island nations. Painstakingly researched and re-written, this 4th edition Stormrider Guide Europe raises the bar for consistent, authoritative and dependable surf information.

Covering every major North Atlantic island chain plus Scandinavia, including - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Enlightening text explains the intricacies of The Surf, The Ocean Environment and Surf Culture. All encompassing break reports describe the waves in unprecedented detail, plus every spot gets the six indispensable Stormrider symbols showing wave height range, swell window, bathymetry, wave type, optimum tide and wind.

Incredible images of both famous and unknown surf spots, shot by the cream of the world's professional surf photographers.

Refined, accurate maps make navigating the oceanic coastlines a breeze from England's busy motorways to Iceland's wilderness frontiers.

Often referred to as The Surfer's Bible, The Stormrider Guide Europe is the definitive surf guide book and an essential addition to any surfer's quiver.

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