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Future Solus Thruster

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Future Solus Thruster

Future Solus Thruster


The Solus is a unique fin in our lineup with a V foil and texalium, carbon and honeycomb materials, giving this fin a responsive flex pattern ideal for generating maximum speed in smaller waves. The Solus has increased tow and cant to give extra lift, providing fluid rail-to-rail transitions and seamless turns.

Carbon Fiber has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any material. The energy you load up on a carbon fiber fin comes back in a burst of energy. Combine that with texalium for even more spring out of your turns.

Zusatzinformation Future Fin Finne (SB)

Hersteller Future Fin
Finnen System Future
Finnen Set up Thruster (3)
Größe M
Material Carbon/Texalium
Foil V Foil