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Aloha Bean FF Surfboard

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Allround 5-Fin Hybrid Shape

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Aloha Bean FF

Aloha Bean FF


The Bean is essentially a hybrid model more commonly referred to as a pod, the difference being this particular board is still considered high performance.

Ideally suited to small-to-medium size surf, the Bean offers a fun alternative to riding a regular shortboard. Appropriately named, the BEAN has a fuller nose template providing a platform for efficient start-up acceleration and paddling, while the relaxed entry rocker maintains speed and glide over flatter sections. A shallow single-to-double concave with vee running out through the tail delivers response and bite where it a euro trademark needed, while also promoting smooth rail-to-rail transitions. The perfectly balanced tail rocker and performance rails complete the design and allow the Bean to be surfed tight in the pocket.

As a general rule you can ride the BEAN 3-to-6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard, and the tri-quad fin configuration gives you the freedom to surf it as a thruster or quad.

Zusatzinformation Aloha Surfboard

Hersteller Aloha
Shape Hybrid
Material / Bauweise Epoxy/Carbon
Finnen System FCS
Finnen Set up Tri Quad (5)
Zubehoer Thruster Fin Set
Farbe Weiss-Schwarz
  • 5'6'' x 19'' x 21/4''  27ltr -/- 65kg/145lbs
  • 5'9'' x 191/2'' x 2 5/16''  28ltr 70kg/155lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs
  • 6'0'' x 20'' x 2 3/8''  31ltr 75kg/165lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs
  • 6'3'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 1/2''  35ltr 80kg/175lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs
  • 6'6'' x 21'' x 2 5/8  38ltr 82kg/180lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs