Ocean Earth Premium One-XT Leash 7ft

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Need a surfboard leash that you can trust? The Premium One-XT Leash - 7ft by Ocean & Earth is... mehr
Ocean Earth Premium One-XT Leash 7ft


Need a surfboard leash that you can trust? The Premium One-XT Leash - 7ft by Ocean & Earth is one of the strongest leashes on the market. The premium is so strong it will probably outlast your board!

Surfboard Leash Specs:

  • Wave Size: 8ft (2.4m)
  • Cord Diameter: 9⁄32" (7mm)
  • Strap: 50mm Padded

Additional Surfboard Leash Features:

  • One Piece Extruded Cord - From swivel to swivel - just one cord... one component. Eliminates the need for end joins, which are the weakest points in conventional leashes, meaning no weak points.
  • Dual Anchor Swivels - Marine grade, stainless anti-corrosive free-spin swivels for tangle-free surfing.
  • Original Detachable Rail Saver - The original rail saver system designed by Ocean & Earth, with sewn in anchor cord. Protects rails and is easily detached.
  • New Formula Controlled-Stretch Urethane - The larger the wave, the more stretch which keeps your board at a safe distance away. Premium grade quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer.
  • Flex Neck Strap Plug - Allows 360º movement of leash and offers more comfort when leash is under load.
  • Easy-Wrap Neoprene Strap Inner - Vertically moulded neoprene panels easily wrap around your ankle, adding to comfort.
  • Plug Buddy - Another Ocean & Earth first. Ensures leash string can be easily slipped through surfboard plug.
  • Warranty - Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.
Leash-Typ: Regular
Leash-Länge: 7'
Material Stärke: 7mm
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