FCS T-5 Traction Pad (orange)

FCS T-5 Traction Pad (orange)

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The FCS T-5 Traction Pad is a lightweight pad with multi-directional traction for a variety of... mehr
FCS T-5 Traction Pad (orange)

Wie man es von FCS nicht anders erwartet hätte ist die FCS Traction Pad Serie schlicht und funktional gehalten. Mit drei verschiedenen Farben und fünf verschiedenen Pad Konfigurationen ist vom 5-teiligen Flat Pad bis zum 3-teiligen Arch Pad für jede Surfer Vorliebe ein passendes Footpad dabei.


The FCS T-5 Traction Pad is a lightweight pad with multi-directional traction for a variety of foot angles. The perforated swiss kick gives angular resistance while reducing weight. A flatter, longer, saber arch combined with well spaced gridlock groove offers a more forgiving surface for quick foot adjustments.

Each pad features a thermoformed dimpled surface, a clearly defined groove pattern, and a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent peeling. The lightweight packaging also comples complete with a spare FCS Key.


  • 3-piece pad • Zoned traction – horizontal groove on the centre piece allows foot to easily lock-in under pressure. Side pieces have an angled square gridlock groove to maximise grip under the toe and heel. Textured critical rear side zones for added traction
  • Thinner, softer and lighter EVA compound - lowers foam density and significantly reduces weight. Multiple cutouts are positioned and angled to increase traction points and further decrease volume
  • Saber arch with grooved cutouts to reduce volume and weigh
  • Swiss Kick - Perforated lower density kick to reduce volume and weight
Pad-Teile: Three Pieces (3)
Pad-Typ: Arch Pad
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