NSP Elements-HDT Hybrid 6'6'' (Silver)

NSP Elements-HDT Hybrid 6'6'' (Silver)

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With the tail of a shortboard and the nose of a fish the Hybrid design is as close to a single... mehr
NSP Elements-HDT Hybrid 6'6'' (Silver)


With the tail of a shortboard and the nose of a fish the Hybrid design is as close to a single board quiver as you will find. With a relaxed, flattened rocker combined with width in the nose it catches waves easily and maintains speed in weaker waves. The reducing width in its round tail allows it hold onto the face and grip through turns and in hollower situations. The bottom features a subtle single/double concave to vee and with a medium boxy rail it’s a reliable design.

  • Eco-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core.
  • HDT vacuum molded construction
  • Durable epoxy
  • Gel coat skin
  • Hand polished rails
  • Matt deck and speed finish bottom
  • Enhanced performance and visual appeal
  • Full colour bottom and rails
  • FCS twin tab boxes
  • Fins included with each board
Shape: Hybrid
Material/Bauweise: Epoxy (Sandwich)
Finnen System: FCS (Dual Tab)
Finnen Set up: Thruster (3)
Farbe: Silver Rails
Zubehör: Finnen
Maße: 6'6'' x 21 1/2'' x 3'' 51.9l
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