Sunova Pro 9'2''

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The Pro evolved from a basic need: catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions... mehr
Sunova Pro 9'2''


The Pro evolved from a basic need: catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions got a little bigger. As competitive longboarding emerged, surfers started demanding a more versatile Board that would give superior performance without overlooking traditional longboarding.

The Pro combines a full performance, thruster setup with sunova's composite construction technology to create a board as free and loose as possible. The widest point has been poulled back on the plan shape to give it that surfable feel. The hip has been moved forward with a tight, pulle-in tail giving plenty of curve which allows the board to go vertical easier and earlier. The bottom edge makes a clean transition from soft at forward of centre to hard in the tail which helps hold the face during trim. The nose rail has a tighter radius on the bottom edge, creating a boxier front rail that prevents water wrapping too early on the deck.

The Pro is the ultimate performance longboard attaining that delicate balance between competitive edge and longboarding tradition.

Shape: Longboard
Shaper: Bert Burger
Material/Bauweise: Sandwich/Parabolic Balsa Stringers
Finnen System: FCS (Dual Tab)
Finnen Set up: Thruster (3)
Farbe: Wood
Zubehör: Thruster Fin Set
Maße: 9'2'' x 22 3/4'' x 2 3/4'' 60,3l, 9'2'' x 22 3/4'' x 3'' 66,2l
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