Leus Heavy Petal Poncho

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New to the line, the Leus Surf Poncho makes the transition from corpo suit to full suit easier... mehr
Leus Heavy Petal Poncho

Conner Coffin's Signature Changing Poncho von Leus kommt im Hibiskus Blüten Design und ist warmes Handtuch und praktische Umkleidekabine in Einem!


New to the line, the Leus Surf Poncho makes the transition from corpo suit to full suit easier than ever. Inspired by Conner Coffin’s island style fantasies of umbrella drinks and pumping warm waves, Conner’s signature Poncho brings maximum aloha vibes to our newest design.

  • Crafted from 100% cotton, made entirely from our freakin’ awesome towels keeping you dry and warm!
  • Outer layer is buttery smooth cotton velour Inner layer is soft and quick absorbing terry cloth
  • Roomy hood adds that extra cozy-factor, featuring moisture absorption qualities to ensure your hair comes out lookin’ so fresh and so clean
  • Enclosed sides for privacy with arm holes and short sleeves for hi-fives and easy changing
  • Inner kangaroo pocket to stash your wet swimwear or anything else you want to hide
  • Bottom side slit openings for ease of movement while changing
  • Inner hanger loop for fast drying
  • made specifically with a LEUS fit for easy changing
  • LARGE: Length: 43.5" Chest: 33.5"
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