Northcore Three Door Softrack

Northcore Three Door Softrack

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The Northcore™ soft roof rack for three door cars is a unique patent pending design, created... mehr
Northcore Three Door Softrack

Die Three Door Soft Roof Racks von Northcore ermölichen nur auch endlich für 3-Türer den unkomplizierten Surfboard Transport auf dem Autodach!


The Northcore™ soft roof rack for three door cars is a unique patent pending design, created specifically for hatchback cars with three doors. The single soft rack design offers a solution for carrying surfboards and other sports equipment on cars not fitted with roof racks or roof bars. The Three Door Overhead is the only genuine three door car rack on the market!

Three door soft roof racks feature:

  • Top of the range soft roof rack system designed for use only on three door hatchback cars without roof racks or roof bars
  • Unique Northcore™ design, the only one of its kind available
  • Tough metal buckles and extra strong webbing
  • Holds up to 3 surfboards (depending on board size)
  • Neoprene sleeve keeps buckles from damaging car or board
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact, ideal for travelling
  • Tough re-usable bag
  • 3.2m (approx) strap
  • fits most cars Individual roof pad dimensions 43cm x 13cm x 3cm
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