Firewire Sunday (Helium II/FCS II)

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Sunday mornings for me start later than most mornings. It’s really a family day.... We wake up,... mehr
Firewire Sunday (Helium II/FCS II)

Das Sunday kommt in Firewire's LFT Bauweise, die der klassischen Polyester Bauweise am nähesten kommt und im Vergleich zur Helium Bauweise des Seaside etwas laufruhiger ist.


Sunday mornings for me start later than most mornings. It’s really a family day.... We wake up, take it slow.... Might be a surf involved before breakfast with my daughter or my son, but we’re never in a hurry to get there. We usually go to the farmer’s market before noon and stock up on produce. In the afternoon I’ll ride my bicycle down to Cardiff reef and maybe paddle out the 7-foot Sunday for a cruise. Then before sunset I’ll ride the 5’6 at Seaside if its good. My favorite thing about the Sunday is how it occupies both sides of the spectrum. I ride both the 5’6 and the 7’0. That covers a lot of territory. The 5’6 is about six liters more volume than I’d normally ride in a shortboard. And that’s the most important thing - size up your Sunday. Don’t be shy. Ride more volume and relax. If you want to draw out turns and flow, ride it as a single fin. You can set it up as a twin fin if you want to liven it up. It’s a win both ways. Sunday is always fun.

Each Helium shape is cut from the lightest foam blank in our stable – just .8 pounds, combined with a brand- new rail we crafted for Helium, using both Paulownia wood from our Timbertek boards and balsa wood from our FST boards. It’s all wrapped in a brand new deckskin material we’re introducing for the first time.

  • Entropy Bio-Resin Throughout
  • High density Aerospace Composite Deckskin
  • Top & Bottom Deck Sandwich Cloth
  • Parabolic Balsa & Paulownia Wood Rails
  • 0.8 lb EPS Core
Shape: Fish
Shaper: Rob Machado
Material/Bauweise: Epoxy (ohne Stringer)
Finnen System: US-Box/FCS II
Finnen Set up: 1+2
Farbe: Weiss
Zubehör (in Lieferumfang enthalten): -
Maße: 6'0'' x 20 1/4'' x 2 3/4'' 38,32 l
6'4'' x 20 3/4'' x 3'' 45,11l
6'8'' x 21'' x 3'' 48,06 l
7'0'' x 21 1/2'' x 3 1/8'' 53.76l
7'4'' x 21 3/4'' x 2 3/4'' 49,5l
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