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Norden Global Player 8'6'' (Poly)

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The Global Player is probably norden's most versatile shape. We' ve dragged and ridden this... mehr
Norden Global Player 8'6'' (Poly)


The Global Player is probably norden's most versatile shape.

We' ve dragged and ridden this thing EVERYWHERE – type of surf or country name it! We threatened our test riders to get them to surf the lousiest beachbreaks with it, and we gave them lots of free stuff to bribe them into taking the Player out into heavy reef barrels where anyone would normally say "NO WAY" to a board that size. Now they all want one ...this board goes anywhere!

Just half a foot below the 'longboard threshold' , this shape takes innovative, yet useful, design to its most sophisticated levels. A narrow round-pintail, tucked rails and slightly concave bottom make this board the most explosive and fastest Malibu-style shape you will ever ride. Its unbelievable versatility makes it the perfect travel board if you want to keep you luggage to a minimum. Huge cutbacks, tubes, and even noserides, with this board you are prepared!

Länge: 8'6''
Shape: Longboard
Shaper: Glen D'Arcy
Material/Bauweise: Polyester
Finnen System: US-Box/FCS
Finnen Set up: 1+2
Zubehör (in Lieferumfang enthalten): 1 + 2 Fin Set
Maße: 8'6'' x 22 1/8'' x 2 1/2''
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