Makai Lango Volan Fin 9'' (deep blue)

Makai Lango Volan Fin 9'' (deep blue)

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This is good… longboard action. The well-balanced Lango single fin has smooth turns and trim in... mehr
Makai Lango Volan Fin 9'' (deep blue)

Lango heißt die Allround Longboard Finne von Makai, die für einen ausgewogenen Mix aus Drive, Hold und Release steht und der Allround Longboard Finne “Connect” von FCS nicht unähnlich ist. Sie ist etwas aufrechter und schmaler in der Base als die Cruiser Finne, wodurch sie sich etwas enger drehen lässt. Zu empfehlen ist diese neutrale Finne für Longboards aller Art und Surfer jeder Könnensstufe.

Volan Glassing - Im Gegensatz zu den meisten Longboard Finnen anderer Hersteller sind Makai Finnen mit Volanmatten und Polyesterharz geglast. Das macht sie etwas schwerer, steifer und robuster als vergleichbare Finnen. So passen sie weniger gut zu modernen, leichten Performance Longboards, aber umso besser zu cruisigen Mid Length und klassischen Polyester Longboards. Und wer gerne mal beim Ein- und Ausstieg über Felsen schrammt, wird die härtere Materialeigenschaft des Volan Glassing zu schätzen wissen!


This is good… longboard action.
The well-balanced Lango single fin has smooth turns and trim in mind and was developed and tested Hawaiian-style. Built with a 6.75” base and streamlined rake for agility, drive and hold in tight spots. Great place to start for an everyday fin, this is good longboard action and stoke on any surf day.
Designed by and named in honor of stylish Hawaiian surfer/shaper and Ala Moana regular, Langsdorf “Da Governor” Kane. Kane loved Town’s surf breaks but had a penchant for the performance-oriented surf at Haleiwa on the North Shore. You could say the Lango fin was built with surfing everything from small peelers to high performance waves in mind.
The Lango concept is simple: overall balance with directional hold through hard turns and trim. This fin was also specially designed to hold through the torque of Kane’s trademark layback backhand carves going right. Dragging his trailing arm in the wave through the layback he would roundhouse right around and finish with a whipping cutback going left. All this while wearing Speedos (don’t laugh). Everyone cool wore Speedos back in the day. In fact during the 1970s they were the surf wear of choice for core surfers including the great Gerry Lopez.
Fin flex has been left on the stiffer side with a dash of bend to it through the upper half. The Lango template curve draws from dolphin fin style shapes with a swept back tip for hold. Sized for surfboards in the 8’6” to 9’2” length but of course experimentation with different sizes is always recommended.
Varying rider weights heavier and lighter will dictate how much hold for different board lengths the fin will allow. Give it a go with bigger boards and add side stabilizer fins for extra grip if desired. What rips for someone else might not for you, and vice versa. Speaking of ripping, this fin is not just intended for rippers and appeals to the entire spectrum of surfing abilities.
Langsdorf Kane was one of Hawaii’s beloved sons that passed way too soon. One of the past famous China Uemura Longboard Surfing Classics was dedicated in honor of Kane’s memory. His story lives on today in local Hawaii surf lore.

  • Material: Volan Fiberglass, Resin
  • Height: 9"
  • Base: 6.75"
Finnen System: US-Box/FCS II
Finnen Set up: Single Fin (1)
Surf Stil: Allround
Größe: 9''
Zubehör (in Lieferumfang enthalten): Schraube/Plättchen
Bauweise: Volan
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