FCS II Fin Puller

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My name is Guri, and I‘ve always loved making things, surfing, and helping people solve... mehr
FCS II Fin Puller

Der praktische Fin Puller erleichtert das Wechseln der FCS II Finnen und ist aus recyceltem Plastik - Keine schmerzenden Hände und unnötigie Pressure Dings mehr im Board!


My name is Guri, and I‘ve always loved making things, surfing, and helping people solve problems. Living by the mantra; no problems, only solutions. One day at Trestles I saw a kid struggling to pull out his fins, and that’s when the FinPuller idea hit me. After months of building prototypes in my studio and figuring out all the steps for getting from a patent to a manufactured item, I've been able to make this idea into a reality. I’ve created a great durable product, that feels good in your hand and does no damage to your board or fin box

On top of it all, FinPuller is made with recycled plastic, to ensure we don't just put another piece of plastic out there. It’s a great tool to have that was designed so all surfers of all ages can change fins with ease.


Guri M., FINPULLER founder.

Made with Recycled Plastic FinPuller is made with durable, yet soft enough that it won't ding your board, recycled materials to ensure we don’t just put another piece of plastic out there. We thought about making it out of wood but the cost would be too high, we thought about making it out of sticks tied together with fallen leaves but the effect would be inconsistent. So we went with recycled plastic, we all do what we can.

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