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Cabianca The Medina Cabianca The Medina
The perfect board for less-than-perfect waves. Formally known as the GAMe (GAbriel Medina), the Medina is Gabriel’s secret weapon for winning decisive heats in marginal conditions – this is the board he won the 2013 Junior World title...
599,00 € *
Christenson Bandito (Resin Tint) Christenson Bandito (Resin Tint)
Far faster in trim and sensitive off the tail, the Bandito maintains its hold while riding from the nose through critical sections. It has been proven as a traditional log that will handle whatever you can throw at it. The refined 50/50...
1.875,00 € *
Christenson Ultra Tracker Volan Patch Christenson Ultra Tracker Volan Patch
The Flat Tracker was designed to trim at high speeds yet be maneuverable and release from the tail. Based on early to mid seventies design this model likes the pocket and is a great small to medium wave barrel hunter. A great board for...
1.070,00 € *
Phil Grace Allrounder 9'0'' purple resin tint Phil Grace Allrounder 9'0'' purple resin tint
The Grace All Rounder is a “cross-over” and blend between the performance longboard and the more traditional longboard. It is an all-round board meant for smaller waves, yet still capable of handling larger surf. Perfectly stable for...
1.159,00 € *
Phil Grace Glider 9'8" Phil Grace Glider 9'8"
The Glider is knee paddling machine that will traverse oceans given the chance. Most suitable in smaller conditions but will surf up to head high waves. Especially designed for trimming and keeping the glide hence its namesake. With...
1.150,00 € *
Phil Grace Heritage 9'2'' yellow resin tint Phil Grace Heritage 9'2'' yellow resin tint
The Heritage is a tribute to the history of longboarding. With the retro style hip pushing the wide tail back this board calls on the original longboard style of surfing. It has a rolled V bottom contour and rolled down rails. The...
1.159,00 € *
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