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Christenson Bandito (Resin Tint) Christenson Bandito (Resin Tint)
Far faster in trim and sensitive off the tail, the Bandito maintains its hold while riding from the nose through critical sections. It has been proven as a traditional log that will handle whatever you can throw at it. The refined 50/50...
1.759,00 € *
Christenson Bonneville 9'6'' Resin Tint Christenson Bonneville 9'6'' Resin Tint
Mitch Abshere and I have been working on this design for a while and we have finally nailed it. The narrower nose with the wide point well behind center help this board turn and pivot on a dime and with the reverse rocker and extra tail...
1.529,00 € *
Christenson C-Bucket Christenson C-Bucket
What a mid length the Christenson C-Bucket is. A single fin fantasy. A design that needs no description. The outline of this board is pure magic. An ode to shaping. That pintail surfs a huge range of conditions from soft and mushy to...
950,00 € *
Christenson Café Racer 6'0'' Christenson Café Racer 6'0''
This model was designed to perform like a fish but offer more performance and a tighter radius on rail eliminating the sticky feel backside that most fish designs have. I recommend this board as a quad. A five fin option is available to...
799,00 € * 839,00 € *
Christenson Chris Fish (Glassed on Fins) Christenson Chris Fish (Glassed on Fins)
Still probably the most versatile design of all surfboard craft. If you were stranded on an island for the next 10 years and were only allowed one board this would be my recommendation. Tested from Cardiff Reef to Ulu Watu, Waikiki to...
875,00 € *
Lightning Bolt 7'4'' Lightning Bolt 7'4''
799,00 € *
Norden Trim Master 9'8'' Custom Green Resin Tint Norden Trim Master 9'8'' Custom Green Resin Tint
The norden Trim Master is the quintessential classic single-fin longboard. With plenty of volume and weight, a rounded nose, a deep teardrop concave, round rails, a rolled bottom and a slightly wider squash-tail, this shape is a real...
1.290,00 € *
Phil Grace Glider 9'8" Phil Grace Glider 9'8"
The Glider is knee paddling machine that will traverse oceans given the chance. Most suitable in smaller conditions but will surf up to head high waves. Especially designed for trimming and keeping the glide hence its namesake. With...
1.150,00 € *
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