Pukas Lady Twin (Resin Tint)

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A channeled mid length twin fin? Yes please. If you like surfboards you will probably love... mehr
Pukas Lady Twin (Resin Tint)


A channeled mid length twin fin? Yes please.
If you like surfboards you will probably love twins, you will also presumably love channeled surfboards and appreciate the beauty of long drawn high lines. Well, how does the aesthetics of the Lady Twin do for inspiration?
Day dreaming on surfing with class is a must. The moment you stand up on a craft like this your movements transform and you can reach those levels of clarity and lucidity. It does take a stylish surfers to do so and a proper board design helps.
The tail channels were a big hit in the early nineties. Ever wondered why channels disappeared from surfboard design? Well, they are hard to handcraft and difficult to master. However, Axel and the team at Pukas want them back.
Press hard with your back foot and feel the reaction. The glassier and hollower the conditions the more you will feel that extra push. The water channeling through and being pushed adding extra grip and acceleration it’s just too good not to have in your quiver.
The sharper rails combine greatly with the wider outline and the twin style. It’s such a maneuverable mid length! Don’t be afraid on going longer sizes. If you want to experiment the benefits of midlengths, then stay always above 6’10”at least.

Shape: Midlength/Egg
Shaper: Axel Lorentz
Material/Bauweise: Polyester
Finnen System: FCS II
Finnen Set up: Twin Fin (2)
Farbe: Gelb
Zubehör (in Lieferumfang enthalten): -
Maße: 6'10'' x 21.13'' x 2.91'' 44,15l
7'0'' x 21.25'' x 2.94 46l
7'2'' x 21.28'' x 2.97 47,86l
7'4'' x 21'' x 3'' 49,8l
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